Artworks for sale Artworks for sale Bird in the Bushes acrylic on board size 260mm x 950mm 204870819 Sheep in Pasture mixed media/eggshells size 300mm x 300m for sale at the Wanaka Fine Art Gallery 204809349 Under the Summer Trees 1070 x 590 205147116 Five Quails size 820 x 1200 mixed media currently for sale at Art Bureau Christchurch 204757867 Old Man Poplars 470 x 1200 mm $2500 acrylic on board 204617946 The Land of Lost Memories 640 x 1170mm for sale at the Wanaka Fine Art Gallery 204317167 Fragile Lake large work in mixed media, broken glass, eggshells, resin. This work looks amazing when lit up. The glass has layers of iridescent depth, golds and rich amber. It is impossible to capture in a photograph. This is the third in my glass landscape series. The glass is shattered and then each shard hand painted. Size:1230mm x500mm Price $3,900 for sale at the Wanaka Fine Art Gallery 203906083 Endless Panorama size 1510 x 390 for sale at art bureau Christchurch 204317165 Alpine meadow series (large work) currently being hired 200180933 Amongst the Leaves Acrylic and mixed media size 500 x 500 currently being hired 202008853 Glowing Peaks of Wanaka Size 1270 x 780 for sale at Queenstown art society gallery 198833114 My many faces This artwork was part of an exhibition of "selfies" based on a self portrait. I took an image of my face and then altered it and stylised it. 196358533 Restless Lake mixed media on board. large work. currently being hired 202008879 Melt-Waters Large work on board for sale at The Wanaka Fine art Gallery 198833169 Forgotten Faces acrylic, resin and recycled materials 202008855 A Window of Nostalgia 184901407 The Doorway Of Reminiscence This artwork celebrates New Zealand's architectural heritage. 183161219